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Pickup basketball at other courts & gyms:

Lack of Organization

Getting involved with games at many gyms and courts can be intimidating, and the process of choosing teams and starting games can be ridiculously inefficient & time consuming.

Lack of Officiating

Games of pickup basketball are plagued by arguments over foul calls and the score of the game.

Joining a league could alleviate these issues, BUT leagues only give the opportunity for one game per week, and there is zero flexibility in terms of when you can play.

In short, typical pickup ball has no organization or officiating; while leagues have no flexibility and offer limited gameplay…


Well organized system. If you win, you stay. If you lose, then you can get right back into the queue. No more arguing over who’s got next!

Jonathan Y

Very well organized. Places like LA Fitness & 24HR are always tough to get runs in, but here, you are guaranteed to play. Staff is also super friendly!

Annie Y.

You really can’t ask for more. All the games have Refs so you don’t have to worry about calling your fouls.

Jonathan A.

There is also an incredible staff there that is really involved and gets to know members on a personal level!

-Kim P



Organized Games

Our one of a kind system is incredibly efficient and maximizes playing time for our members:

    • Our staff handles the entire process of organizing teams and starting games.
    • 10 minute games run back-to-back-to-back!
    • Winner keeps the court, and the next team steps in.
    • Show up by yourself or with your friends. Our staff will ensure you get involved in game after game after game!


All games at PickUp USA are timed, scored & officiated by 2 CBOA trained referees.



PickUp USA is open 365 days/year and 100+ hours of games run every month! Members have unlimited access to our facility, games, workout sessions & amenities, and can drop in at anytime to be placed right in the game rotation. CLUB SCHEDULE


The Cleanest Gym in LA!

Our NCAA inspired courts are hand polished daily & we pride ourselves on having the cleanest gym in Los Angeles! Our 17,000 sq ft facility features: multiple courts, a full weight room, a warm-up area with cardio & stretching equipment, a luxurious lounge, chilled Eucalyptus towels, free concessions & much more!