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Pickup Basketball

Basketball Camp

    • Classes are fun, hour long “basketball camps”
    • NCAA-level skill building regimen
    • Our trainers have decades of combined experience & are selected out of hundreds of applicants
    • Morning, afternoon, evening & weekend sessions: CLUB SCHEDULE

Basketball Gym

Amazing Facility

    • 17,000 sq ft, meticulously clean fitness club designed for basketball training
    • Weight room + warm-up area with cardio & stretching machines
    • NCAA inspired Maple Select full basketball court and two half courts
    • Luxurious lounge, chilled Eucalyptus towels, free concessions & more!
Small Classes

What to Expect

    • Lay-up, fast-break, dribbling & shooting drills
    • Team based, defense and offense fundamentals
    • Intense conditioning and endurance drills
    • Short scrimmages with coaching from trainers
    • Wide variety of training tools including hurdles, ladders, bump pads & more

Intense Workouts

Reach Your Goal

Whether you’re just learning basketball, trying to make the high school team, or simply looking to get in shape, our classes result in:

    • Improved basketball skills
    • More confidence on the courts
    • Improved Endurance
    • Increased strength & body tone
    • Healthier body weight


Irwindale Health Club

Private Training

Private Training at PickUp USA is the fastest way to reach your basketball development goals. Training is 100% customized to the participant, and utilizes a unique 3 pillar training approach. Training Packages are available for:

    • Basketball skill development
    • Speed & Agility training
    • Conditioning & Strength training

I was gonna die after some reps it’s really a good workout

Joon K.

If you are willing to work, they will work you out hard

Michael Z

I definitely recommend this place. It’s the best money I have ever spent. Courts 10/10 Service 11/10 Go sign up!

Jon Y

I have been a member for a while now. Absolutely love this gym. The staff is friendly and helpful.

-Sheron B